Product Licensing Made Easy

6 Week Course


Be sure to watch the full video, then I'll make you a deal.

Some of the things you'll end up learning in my 6 week licenising made simple course


1What you need to do to prepare.

2. The reason why most people fail.

3. How to know wether or not your product is licensable.

4. Learn about %'s and who gets paid what.

5. How to make sure your ar not coppied.

6. How to access sales channels and dsitribution.

7. What big brands and products are looking for in a lisencing deal.


Your first course is available immediately and you will get a new course every week for 6 weeks! 


All this plus a 30 day money back guarantee. 


Look, SUCCESS is SIMPLE, if you do it the way I have.


 I've licensed my own products and will show you how to license yours!

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