Unlocking Sales

8 Week Personal Branding Course



Some of the things you'll end up learning in my 8 week personal branding course


1. Sales: Helping vs. Convincing.

2. The reason why most "sales" people are disliked.

3. How to build real rapport between you and your fans.

4. Building in repeat business with every follower.

5. How to avoid time wasters and negativity (ie: freeloaders)

6. How to turn fans into customers.

7. What you can do to increase your sales.

8. How to stop worrying about rejection.

9. Meaningful follow up.

10. What are the best days and times to sell.


A personal brand is as big or as small as you want it to be!

Even the best personal brands have to generate positive cash flow.

Likes on social media won't create the revenue your brand needs for you to travel, invest and give back.

You have to create revenue paths for your fans.

Building a personal brand, regardless of industry or expertise, needs money in order to function. Even Charities need cash. 

So many brands never realize their purpose because they never figure out the sales part of the plan.

No product or service is so good that it doesn't require sales.

If this is true for Coca Cola, Mcdonald's, Ferrari and Nike, doesn't that hold true for our personal brands?

Of course it does!!!

We have been lied to all our lives about so many things!

Most of the time it's half truths and little lies so we don't even know we have been lied to till someone finally shows us the light.

We are told we are not in sales, that we don't need to sell ourselves, that good things come to those that wait.

I have been shocked to find in my own life that all of those claims are absolutely false.

Good things do not come to those that wait, the best people and products don't have the most success.

(That's why McDonald's, Walmart and other low end service and product providers do so well)

The system is rigged against you.

It was hard for me to accept at first because so many of the people who were giving me bad information were not enemies, they were not even necessarily always strangers.

This bad information was coming from people who loved me.

People who wanted what was best for me.

So why would they tell me these half truths?

Why would they fill my head full of things that wouldn't lead to my success? in fact they would lead to my feeling trapped, locked in and ultimately hopeless!

It's simple: They are just passing on what was passed on to them.

They are giving the advice they got from their friends, family and loved ones.

You see it's not even their fault ultimately because the system is rigged against all of us and like a disease it spreads.

People pass on bad advice because they lack perspective.

They lack experience so they can not advise you.

Probably the best advice anyone could ever give and anyone could ever get is:


"Never take advice from someone who isn't where you want to be."


The good news is that there are people we can trust, not just their intentions but also their abilities and judgement.

These people are hard to find because there is so much bad information out there.

If you stick to only taking advice from people who have the results you want in your life you will win.

So when people tell you how something is or how it should be, ask them about their results. In fact, google it.

Make them earn your trust.

Either the results are there or they are not.


Any real success will be documented somewhere on line, use the tools don't be fooled.

I am going to share with you another  universal truth:

Sales cures all.


It's important to realize that success in personal branding can't exist without splendid sales.

YOU are selling you, there's no way around it.

But you need to be able to do it in a way that isn't corny or pushy.

No one wants a sales pitch or a bill of goods.

The difference between incredible personal brands and corny sales people is simple.

This course teaches you the difference and how you can not only sell yourself but train your team to sell you.

If you don't do it who will?

Leaving things to chance is the sure fire way to fail. 

Selling yourself takes training not trying, but with the right mindset you can make it happen for yourself.

This course teaches you the mindset necessary to sell yourself, your products and services.

This course not only shows you how to develop the mindset you need to grow but also how to teach and mentor others.

This is information you can use to train other people and to build your following.  

Just as with incredible personal brands like Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

All these people know exactly how to sell themselves. 

No matter how good your product or service is, selling you is crucial.

Remember, YOU are the Brand.


Your first course is available immediately and you will get a new course every week for 8 weeks! Thats practially 2 months of real training!


All this plus a 30 day money back guarantee. 


Sales cures all!


 I've UNLOCKED the power of SALES and will show you exacly how I did it!

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